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Nonparametric Statistics

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Amherst College

This course is an introduction to nonparametric and distribution-free statistical procedures and techniques. These methods rely heavily on counting and ranking techniques and will be explored through both theoretical and applied perspectives. One- and two-sample procedures will provide students with alternatives to traditional parametric procedures, such as the t-test. We will also investigate correlation and regression in a nonparametric setting. A variety of other topics may be explored in the nonparametric setting including resampling techniques (for example, bootstrapping), categorical data and contingency tables, density estimation, and the one-way and two-way layouts for analysis of variance. The course will emphasize data analysis (with appropriate use of statistical software) and the intuitive nature of nonparametric statistics.

Requisite:  STAT 111 or STAT 135. Limited to 24 students. Spring Semester.  Professor Wagaman.

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Nonparametric Statistics
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01 4.0 Amy Wagaman TTH 01:00PM-02:20PM; M 02:00PM-02:50PM SMUD 205; SMUD 205