Debate Latinx/LA Studies

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Latinx and Latin Amer Studies
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Amherst College

In this course students will become familiar with the major debates that have animated Latinx and Latin American Studies, addressing a wide range of issues from the Conquest to the present. Each week students will focus on specific questions such as: Does Latin America have a common culture? Is Latin America part of the Western world? Is Latinx a race or an ethnicity? Is U.S. Latinx identity rooted in Latin America or the United States? Are Latin American nations post-colonial?  Was the modern concept of race invented in the Caribbean at the time of the Conquest?  The opposing viewpoints around such questions will provide the main focus of the reading assignments, which will average two or three articles per week. In the first four weeks, students will learn a methodology for analyzing, contextualizing, and making arguments that they will apply in developing their own positions in the specific controversies that will make up the rest of the course.

Fall semester. Professor Sony Coranez Bolton.

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Debate Latinx/LA Studies
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01 4.0 Jason Bolton TTH 01:00PM-02:20PM