The Bilingual Self

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Latinx and Latin Amer Studies
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Amherst College

Heritage learners of Spanish learn different registers of the Spanish language in their homes and communities from an early age. In this course, students will use this knowledge as a springboard to expand their use and command of Spanish with increasing confidence and in a variety of social and cultural contexts. We will study cultural texts–from the most informal to the most formal, from Hispanic communities both here in the US and in the Spanish-speaking world, in Spanish and Spanglish–and will discuss students’ own experiences growing up as heritage learners of Spanish. Conducted in Spanish and Spanglish.

Admission with consent of the instructor. Fall and Spring Semester. Professor Sánchez-Naranjo.

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The Bilingual Self
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01 4.0 Jeannette Sanchez-Naranjo MW 02:00PM-03:20PM