Marxism in Latin America

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Latinx and Latin Amer Studies
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Amherst College

[LA] With one significant exception, Latin America’s major revolutions have been led by groups espousing one of three main currents of Marxist thought: Marxism-Leninism (Stalinism), Trotskyism, and Maoism. In this course, the student will master the basics of those theories through the reading and analysis of their primary texts. We will then consider case studies of Marxist-inspired revolutions in Bolivia, Cuba, Chile, Nicaragua, and Peru. With the aid of lectures and further readings, the student will critically evaluate, in a series of papers, how Marxist theories were applied in practice in twentieth-century Latin America. One class meeting per week.

Limited to 18 students. Fall semester. Visiting Professor Lohse.

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Marxism in Latin America
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01 4.0 Kent Lohse TTH 01:00PM-02:20PM