Film Workshop I

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Hampshire College
This course teaches the basic skills of film production, including camera work, editing, sound recording, and preparation and completion of a finished work in film and video. Students will submit weekly written responses to theoretical and historical readings and to screenings of films and videotapes, which represent a variety of aesthetic approaches to the moving image. There will be a series of filmmaking assignments culminating in an individual final project for the class. The development of personal vision will be stressed. The bulk of the work in the class will be produced in 16mm format. Video formats plus digital image processing and non-linear editing will also be introduced. Prerequisite courses include a 100 level course in media arts (Introduction to Media Arts, Introduction to Media Production, Introduction to Digital Photography & New Media, or equivalent and must be completed and not concurrent with this course.)
Independent Work A $50 lab fee provides access to equipment and editing facilities. Students are responsible for providing their own film, tape, processing and supplies. There are weekly evening screenings or workshops.NOTE: Enrolled or top 5 waitlist students who DO NOT attend the first class session risk losing their place on the class roster.
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Film Workshop I
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2 4.0

Abraham Ravett

09:00AM-11:50AM W;07:00PM-09:00PM W

Jerome Liebling Center 131;Jerome Liebling Center 131