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Cognitive Science

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Hampshire College
Philosophers have long asked about the nature of happiness and its contribution to 'the good life.' Happiness is something we all want, but what is it, and why do we all want it so much? Are some people naturally happier than others? What makes us happy and why? This course will examine happiness from a number of different perspectives. We will look at what philosophers have said about the nature and importance of happiness in our lives, including some who argue that happiness should not be our ultimate good or goal. We will also examine psychological and neuroscientific literature on well-being, positive affect, and our ability to regulate our affective states. Students will read and critically analyze primary research articles in a number of different fields, and are expected to write a series of short papers and complete a final research project. Prerequisite: At least one prior course in philosophy or psychology

Independent Work Writing and Research

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Laura Sizer


10:30AM-11:50AM T,TH

Adele Simmons Hall 222