Re-Minding Culture

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Critical Social Inquiry

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Hampshire College
This seminar is designed for advanced Division II and Division III students who are interested in the study of mental illness and culture. The course will focus on two major debates in clinical psychology: the nature vs. nurture controversy and the tension between the individual-and- society. The course is part of a series of seminars exploring the epistemological, theoretical, and methodological implications of our modern concept of the mental illness. We will read a variety of provocative readings from a variety of "psychologies" (clinical, developmental, social) as well as from diverse disciplines. The student will have the opportunity to focus on his/her particular area of interest as part of his/her (or in preparation for) Division III work. Previous coursework in psychology is required, especially, Abnormal Psychology.

Writing and Research Multiple Cultural Perspectives Independent Work

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Re-Minding Culture
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1 4.0

M. Lourdes Mattei

09:00AM-11:50AM T

Franklin Patterson Hall WLH