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Controversies in US Economic

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Hampshire College
This course addresses the development of the United States economy and society from the colonial period to the present. Focusing on the development of capitalism, it provides students with an introduction to economic and historical analysis. Students study the interrelationship among society, economy and the state, the transformation of agriculture, and the response of workers to capitalism. Issues of gender, race, class, and ethnicity figure prominently in this course. This is designed to be a core course for students concentrating in economics, politics, and history. Students work on developing research skills in economics and historical methodologies. Classes have a lecture/discussion format. Students are expected to attend class regularly, lead occasional discussions, and write several papers including responses to films, a mid-term take home exam and a final research paper.

Power, Community and Social Justice Writing and Research Multiple Cultural Perspectives

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Controversies in US Economic
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1 4.0

Susan Tracy;Laurie Nisonoff;

12:30PM-01:50PM T,TH

Franklin Patterson Hall 106