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Film Workshop II

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Humanities Arts Cultural Stu

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Hampshire College
This course is for advanced film and video students who are prepared to work both collaboratively on group exercises and also on their own individual projects. Students will be expected to complete several exercises and a final project. The course will deal in some depth with the theory and practice of working with sound and music for film including 16mm sound-synch filmmaking, audio recording on location and the set, and post-production editing and mixing. Students will practice making sound tracks for film and video using digital editing tools. Readings and writing about the theory and history of the subject is an essential aspect of the course. Workshops that give training for using equipment and software will occur outside regularly scheduled class and students who already have experience in music composition, electronic music, or sound recording and mixing are welcome in the course.

Independent Work Students must purchase their own supplies and pay their own processing fees. Required screenings and workshops occur in the evening. There will be a $50 lab fee.

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Film Workshop II
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1 4.0

William Brand

06:30PM-09:30PM T

Jerome Liebling Center 120