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Reinventing the Toilet

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Hampshire College
Only one percent of the earth's water is available for human consumption, and one single flush toilet can contaminate thousands of gallons in just one year of operation. Is there an alternative? Students in this object-based studio explore existing alternatives to flush toilet technologies, and develop their own in plans and a 3D model, with a prototype in mind as the ultimate goal. This is a "real-life" design studio. At the end of the semester students will be enabled to build an alternative toilet that is operational. We reach the class goals through a combination between theoretical and practical work. The first includes research and critical reading of the genealogy of sanitation technologies, toilet patents, health and other data, and social science theory. The second involves field analysis of sanitation technologies, studio design work, prototyping, and testing.

Independent Work Field Trip $20. Lab Fee $50

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Reinventing the Toilet
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1 4.0

Gabriel Arboleda

09:00AM-11:50AM M,W

Emily Dickinson Hall 3