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Water in a Changing Climate

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Natural Science
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Hampshire College
Floods, droughts, and hurricanes have all been predicted to increase in response to climate change. How will these and other effects impact our access to freshwater? How will we adapt to these changing conditions? This class will cover a brief introduction to the science behind climate change predictions and look specifically at the impacts to the water cycle. We will also discuss how the ways in which we have changed the landscape affect our ability to respond to changes in water availability. Students will read and discuss primary literature, develop a research question and project, collect and interpret data (both in the field and the library), and learn the basic skills scientists use to analyze water related issues.
Writing and Research Quantitative Skills In this course students are generally expected to spend at least 6 to 8 hours a week of preparation and work outside of class time.
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Water in a Changing Climate
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1 4.0 Christina Cianfrani 01:00PM-02:20PM M,W Cole Science Center 316