Abundance: Installation Art

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Hampshire College
This course will focus on installation and performance in conversation with diverse media and the local ecosystem. The thematic focus of the seminar will critically engage in the question: How can we create a sustainable environment in which to pursue and create artistic, agricultural, ecological, and socio-economic equity? Aware of our daily investments in settler-colonialism, how will we in our practices steward this land with seven generations at the forefront? As a class we will draft a mission statement and plans of action through installation to approach these questions. This hands-on, project based course will look at relationships built between artists, activists, agriculturalists, and communities to build a sustainable past, present, and future. We will collaborate with Hampshire's own Farm Center as well as forge lasting relationship with local artists, farmers, community organizers, and environmentalists and research national and international initiatives that meet and inspire our mission and action plan. This course will introduce students to a variety of visual art media and time-based art production. We will also participate in the fall harvest at the Farm Center. This course is ideal for students interested in art, agriculture, collaboration and community engagement and willing to put in a few hours of farm work each week.
Arts, Design, and Media Culture, Humanities, and Languages Power, Community and Social Justice Independent Work Multiple Cultural Perspectives This class includes one scheduled lab period for screenings, workshops, field trips and collective meals; as well as a 2hr a week floating lab/labor shift at the Farm. Total contact hours for the class is 7 hrs weekly. You must be interested in the outdoors and be willing to travel for classes and field trips off campus. This course can satisfy the prerequisite for introductory courses in film/photo/video and studio arts. Field trips fee: $0-$15 Lab fee $25-$50
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Abundance: Installation Art
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1 4.0 Kara Lynch klHA@hampshire.edu 09:00AM-11:50AM F;01:00PM-03:00PM F Harold Johnson Library KIVA;Harold Johnson Library B3