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Recycled Images: "Through the disorderly fund which his knowledge places at his disposal, the allegorist rummages here and there for a particular piece, holds it next to some other piece, and tests to see if it fits together-that meaning with this image or this image with that meaning. The result can never be known before-hand, for there is no natural mediation between the two." (Walter Benjamin) From Esther Shub to Joseph Cornell, from Bruce Conner to Abigail Child, filmmakers have explored the use of recycled images and created "found footage films." The allegorical use of archival and discarded footage has provided both inspiration and raw material allowing image makers to "comment on the status of the image in society or to deconstruct cinematic language."(Jacob Proctor) Utilizing a combination of weekly screenings, assigned readings in film history, theory and cultural studies, the course will provide an opportunity to engage in a critical dialogue about this evolving genre and support a forum where students can actively develop their own found footage projects.
Independent Work Multiple Cultural Perspectives Writing and Research Prerequisite: 100 level course in Humanities, Arts, Cultural studies, or cinema studies or art history. Students are expected to spend 6 hours weekly in preparation and work outside of class time. lab fee: $65
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Recycled Images
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