Performance and Directing Film

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Hampshire College
This is an advanced production/theory course for video and film students interested in developing and strengthening the element of performance in their work. How does performance for the camera differ from performance for the stage? How do we find a physical language and a camera language that expand upon one another in a way that liberates the imagination? This course will explore performance and directing in their most diverse possibilities, in a context specific to film and videomakers. The class will emphasize the development of individual approaches to relationships between performance, text, sound and image. We will discuss visual and verbal gesture, dialogue and voice-over, variations of approach with actors and non-actors, camera movement and rhythm within the shot, and the structuring of performance in short and long form works. Screenings and readings will introduce students to a wide range of approaches to directing and performance. We will study works by Vera Chytilova, Pedro Costa, Nagisa Oshima, John Cassavetes, Ousmane Sembene, Wong Kar Wai, Eija Liisa Ahtila and the Wooster Group among others. Students will complete three projects.
Multiple Cultural Perspectives Independent Work Fees: $65 lab and $50 for field trips. Students are expected to spend 8 hours weekly in preparation and work outside of class time.
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Performance and Directing Film
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1 4.0 Baba Hillman 09:00AM-11:50AM T;07:00PM-09:00PM M Jerome Liebling Center 120;Jerome Liebling Center 120