Film Workshop I

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Humanities Arts Cultural Stu
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Hampshire College
This course teaches the basic skills of 16mm film production, including camera work, editing, animation, optical printing and preparation for a finished work in film and video. Students will submit weekly written responses to theoretical and historical readings and to screenings of films and DVDs that represent a variety of aesthetic approaches to the moving image. There will be a series of filmmaking assignments culminating in a final project. The bulk of the work will be produced in 16mm format including a variety of ways to self process film or create cameraless moving images. Digital image processing and non-linear editing will also be supported. Enrolled students and top 5 waitlist students who DO NOT attend the first class session risk losing their place on the class roster.
Independent Work Multiple Cultural Perspectives Writing and Research Lab fee: $65. In this course, students are expected to spend approximately 6 hours weekly on work and preparation outside of class time. Prerequisites: A 100 level course in media arts (Introduction to Media Arts, Introduction to Media Production, Introduction to Digital Photography & New Media), or an equivalent course in film history/theory or art history that has been completed prior and not concurrent to this workshop.
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Film Workshop I
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2 4.0 Abraham Ravett 09:00AM-11:50AM W;07:00PM-09:00PM W Jerome Liebling Center 131;Jerome Liebling Center 131