Ecosystem Ecology

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Natural Science
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Hampshire College
Ecosystems are defined by the interactions between the plants, animals, microorganisms, and abiotic environmental features that affect them. This course will cover the flows of energy, carbon, and nutrients within ecosystems, tracing the key processes that govern ecosystem function. Through the course, we will develop the connections between organisms, abiotic factors, and ecosystem processes. The effects of environmental change on ecosystem processes (and the human connection to these changes) will be highlighted through directed readings, field and laboratory projects, as well as problem sets and student-led presentations.
Quantitative Skills Writing and Research In this course students are generally expected to spend at least 6 to 8 hours a week of preparation and work outside of class time.
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Ecosystem Ecology
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1 4.0 Seeta Sistla 02:30PM-03:50PM M;02:30PM-03:50PM W;03:50PM-05:30PM W;03:50PM-05:30PM W Cole Science Center 101;Cole Science Center 101;Cole Science Center 101;Cole Science Center 102