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Frontiers in Biomathematics

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Cognitive Science
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Hampshire College
This course is a gateway for the Five College Bio-mathematical Sciences Program and Certificate. It also provides an introduction to collaborative research across the Five College Biomath Consortium. The first four weeks of the course are devoted to practice with a software package (Matlab, Rstudio, etc.). Afterward, the two 4-week modules are presented by pairs of faculty including one from mathematical and statistical sciences, and one from the life sciences. Each pair provides the background and data that motivates the research, then introduces a question for students to investigate. Student work in groups to use the tools presented to explore the question. In the final week of each module, students present their finding and hear presentations about 5CBC research projects. Five College students: graded SU only.
Mind, Brain, and Information Quantitative Skills In this course, students are expected to spend at least six to eight hours a week of preparation and work outside of class time. This time includes reading, writing, research.
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Frontiers in Biomathematics
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1 4.0 Lee Spector;Sarah Hews; 07:15PM-09:15PM M;07:15PM-09:15PM W Adele Simmons Hall 112;Adele Simmons Hall 112