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Introduction to Film Studies

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Hampshire College
This course is designed to introduce students to key issues in film studies, focusing on the history of American cinema from 1895 to 1960. We will pay particular attention to the "golden age" of Hollywood, with forays into other national cinemas by way of comparison and critique. Screenings will range from actualities and trick films, to the early narrative features of D. W. Griffith, to the development of genres including film noir (Double Indemnity), the woman's film of the 1940s (Now, Voyager), the western (Stagecoach) and the suspense film (Rear Window). Several short papers and in-class discussions will address how to interpret film on the formal/stylistic level (sequence analysis, close reading, visual language) as well as in the context of major trends and figures in film history.
Culture, Humanities, and Languages Writing and Research In this course, students are expected to spend 6-8 hours weekly on work and preparation outside of class time.
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Introduction to Film Studies
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1 4.0 Eva Rueschmann;Lise Sanders; 10:30AM-11:50AM TU;10:30AM-11:50AM TH;07:00PM-09:00PM M Franklin Patterson Hall ELH;Franklin Patterson Hall ELH;Franklin Patterson Hall ELH