Climate Change

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Hampshire College
Climate Change: Exploring the Science and Solutions: An increasing body of observations gives a collective picture of a warming world and widespread changes in the different components of the climate system. Students in this course will examine the causes and impacts of past, present, and future climate change. Climate change is clearly an issue of increasing concern because of its potentially escalating and far-reaching impacts. This has brought the topic of "global warming" very much into the public eye and to the forefront of political debate. This course focuses on the science of climate change, highlighting what is known and what remains uncertain. Possible mitigation strategies for dealing with future environmental change on local, regional, and global scales will also be explored. Students will be encouraged to debate the issues actively and critically, both verbally and in writing.
Writing and Research Students are expected to spend approximately 6-8 hours of preparation outside of class time.
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Climate Change
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1 4.0 Robert Deconto 09:00AM-10:20AM TU;09:00AM-10:20AM TH Cole Science Center 316;Cole Science Center 316