The Battle Between Sci&relig

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Critical Social Inquiry
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Hampshire College
This course explores past and current debates over the role of religion and science in public policy in the areas of reproductive rights, health and justice. We will explore the broader societal debates over the teaching of creationism and intelligent design in public schools and ongoing challenges to claims about the objectivity of science. We will consider arguments that science and religion are inevitably in conflict, as well as arguments for their compatibility. Specific topics may include: claims that abortion is linked to breast cancer and causes a form of post-traumatic stress disorder; opposition to the legalization of LBGTQ marriage; public funding for abstinence-only sexuality education and Crisis Pregnancy Centers; the debate over coverage of contraception in the Affordable Care Act. Students are required to participate in class discussions, give an oral presentation, write short essays based on the readings and complete a final research paper or project
Power, Community and Social Justice Independent Work Multiple Cultural Perspectives Writing and Research Students are expected to spend 6-8 hours weekly on work and preparation outside of class time.
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The Battle Between Sci&relig
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1 4.0 Marlene Fried 01:00PM-02:20PM TU;01:00PM-02:20PM TH Franklin Patterson Hall 104;Franklin Patterson Hall 104