Video Workshop: Surveillance

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Pigeons, balloons, kites, aircraft, satellites, telephones, webcams, carcams, and bodycams have been used to record images of regions, communities, and people. In this introductory level video production course, we will look back at these images -- contemporary and historic examples produced by individuals, corporations, and international government surveillance programs-- that observe, track, and survey as we discuss secrecy, technology, and shifting attitudes towards privacy. Using devices that document from the ground, the sky, and the body, students will complete a series of time and screen-based exercises designed to develop basic technical proficiency as well as the skills critical to a successful working process. Hands-on workshops will introduce students to modes of image acquisition, as well as lighting, editing, and sound recording. We will follow a workflow that includes research and development of an idea (designing, planning, and scheduling), production (building, testing, recording) and post-production (editing and revision). Screenings, workshops, critiques, and discussion will focus on media analysis and image/sound relationships. Readings will include historical, theoretical, and literary texts. Students will gain experience in looking, listening, and thinking critically about the making of the moving image and be expected to participate in discussions about the readings, screenings, and work of their classmates. Interested students are welcome to attend the first class meeting even if they are not officially enrolled.
Independent Work Lab fee: $65. Prerequisite: Any 100 or 200 level course in art history, film history, media studies, theatre, design, film, photography, video, or studio art. In this course, students can generally expect to spend 8 to 10 hours weekly on work and preparation outside of class time.
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Video Workshop: Surveillance
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1 4.0 Hope Tucker 09:00AM-11:50AM TH;06:00PM-08:00PM TH Jerome Liebling Center 120;Jerome Liebling Center 120