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Interdisciplinary Arts
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Hampshire College
This interdisciplinary course centers around a film adaptation of the original drama Mighty Real: A Tribute to Sylvester. The story chronicles the life and times of singer/songwriter Sylvester, a gender fluid black/gay man who rose to commercial success during the height of the 1970s disco era. Students will collaborate with faculty on every phase of the project from preproduction - including dramaturgy, directing, acting, production management and scenic, lighting, sound and video design - to post production. The goal of the course is creating a short multimedia narrative film through the integration of theatrical and cinematic conventions. Students with experience in film and theatre production are preferred. Instructor permission required.
Independent Work Multiple Cultural Perspectives Lab fee: $65. Prerequisite: Theatre production or film/video class. In this course, students can generally expect to spend 8 to 10 hours weekly on work and preparation outside of class time.
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Multimedia Theater & Film Prod
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1 4.0 Abraham Ravett;Djola Branner; 01:00PM-03:50PM M;01:00PM-03:50PM W;01:00PM-03:50PM M;01:00PM-03:50PM W Jerome Liebling Center 131;Jerome Liebling Center 131;Emily Dickinson Hall 104;Emily Dickinson Hall 104