Humanities Arts Cultural Stu 0221 - The Power of Black Music

The Power of Black Music

Olabode Omojola

01:00PM-02:20PM TU;01:00PM-02:20PM TH

Hampshire College
Music and Dance Building RECITAL;Music and Dance Building RECITAL
The course focuses on the musics of Africa and the African diaspora through the lens of ethnomusicology. Concentrating on selected countries, including Brazil, Cuba, Nigeria, South Africa, and the United States, it examines the musical performance of gender, race, ethnicity, and nationality and the role of music in social and political movements. The course explores the global dimensions of Africanist musical aesthetics as enabled historically and sustained through ongoing transatlantic exchanges between Africa and the African diaspora. Also discussed are the issues of representation and identity in iconic works like Black Is King & Lemonade by Beyonce. Other topics include hip-hop adaptation in Africa and the phenomenal popularity of West African Afrobeats in the United States and globally. Class discussions will be supplemented by workshops conducted by visiting professional musicians as well as the instructor's ethnographic research in West Africa, Brazil, Cuba, and the United States. KEYWORDS:Music, Africa, African diaspora, race, social and political movements

The content of this course deals with issues of Race and Power Students are expected to spend a minimum of 6-8 hours of work outside of class time per week

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