Cognitive Science 0179 - Animal Behavior Theory: Why animals behave the way they do

Animal Behavior Theory

Laela Sayigh

06:00PM-07:20PM M;06:00PM-07:20PM W

Hampshire College
Adele Simmons Hall 112;Adele Simmons Hall 112
This course will explore a selection of the main theoretical ideas and methods of the scientific study of animal behavior. We will explore functional and evolutionary bases of animal behavior, including reproductive behavior, mating systems, parental care, altruism, social behavior, communication, and cognition. Readings will come from books and primary scientific literature. We will focus in detail on animal senses, which we will learn about through reading the book "An Immense World". The main goals of the course are to instill excitement and curiosity about the subject, and to provide conceptual foundations and intellectual tools to think creatively and critically about animal behavior and science in general. Students are expected to be active participants in class discussions. In addition, students will prepare written responses to readings, and engage in a project (format to be determined), which will be presented to the class Keywords: animal behavior, animal senses, biology

Environments and Change Students should expect to spend 8 hours weekly on work and preparation outside of class time Library Materials: An Immense World by Ed Yong. I am going to encourage them to buy this book, but I will also want to put 1-2 copies on reserve in the library. Animal Behaviour: A Very Short Introduction by Tristram Wyatt. As above, I will encourage them to buy this (used copies can be purchased for less than $5), but I will also want to put 1-2 copies on reserve in the library BOOKS: Title:An Immense World Author:Ed Yong ISBN:978-0593133255 Cost:20.00 Title:Animal Behaviour: A very short introduction Author:Tristram D. Wyatt ISBN:9780198712152 Cost:5.00

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