Critical Social Inquiry 0249 - The Post-Racial State: Ideology, Politics and the Media

The Post-Racial State

Professor Loza

01:00PM-02:20PM TU;01:00PM-02:20PM TH

Hampshire College
Emily Dickinson Hall 2;Emily Dickinson Hall 2
In the wake of Obama's historic presidency, the American media triumphantly declared that we are living in post-racial times. But is race dead? Are we color-blind? If so, how do we explain the resurgence of white supremacy during and after the Trump presidency? Utilizing an interdisciplinary amalgam of Ethnic Studies, Critical Race Theory, Media Studies, US Third World Feminism, Sociology, Cultural Studies, Political Philosophy, and Post-Colonial Theory, this course will investigate how "race" continues to shape American society in the post-civil rights era. Topics to be covered include: the social construction of race, racial formation, panethnicity, class-based and gendered racialization, multiculturalism, neoliberalism, double-consciousness, colonialism, essentialism, institutional racism, commodification of race/ethnicity, identity politics, colorblind ideology, cultural appropriation, resistance, and citizenship. Particular attention will be paid to affirmative action, immigration, hate speech, hate crimes, reparations, racial profiling, and the reactionary rise of the right. This course is reading-, writing-, and theory-intensive Keywords:Government, Legal Studies, Politics, Sociology, Critical Race Theory The content of this course deals with issues of race and power

In/Justice Students should expect to spend 10 hours weekly on work and preparation outside of class time Library Materials: All course materials are digital and will be available via the course moodle

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