Humanities Arts Cultural Stu 0107 - Non- Fiction Film

Non- Fiction Film

Abraham Ravett

01:00PM-03:50PM M;07:00PM-09:00PM TU

Hampshire College
Jerome Liebling Center 120;Jerome Liebling Center 120
"Certain people start with a documentary and arrive at fiction...others start with fiction and arrive at the documentary."-Jean Luc Godard This is an introductory course for students who would like to explore their interest in documentary practice. Through a combination of screenings, lectures, readings and technical workshops, we will explore a critical/historical overview of this genre and incorporate our knowledge and experience to produce individual or collaborative projects in a variety of "modes of representation". Projects need not be restricted to a particular medium; in fact, students will be encouraged to explore the ways in which 16mm or Super 8 film, video, photography and/or animation can be utilized together. Meeting times are 3 hours per week plus an evening screening. There is a lab fee for this course. Keywords:Documentary, non-fiction

Time and Narrative Lab/Materials fee:$65 Library Materials:Screenings will be available via Hampflix Students should expect to spend 8 hours weekly on work and preparation outside of class time

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