Humanities Arts Cultural Stu 0218 - The Charms of Music in Shakespeare's England

Music in Shakespeare's England

Allison Monroe

02:30PM-03:50PM W;02:30PM-03:50PM F

Hampshire College
Music and Dance Building 110;Music and Dance Building 110
Welcome to Shakespeare's England, where music could truly enchant its listeners! Music could be fodder for love, or melancholy (or better yet, both at once . not so unlike Taylor Swift or Billie Eilish.). It could summon up war-faring blood, or calm uncivil seas. It could lift minds to celestial climes, or incite limbs to keep time with its measure. Shakespeare himself clearly succumbed to the charms of the music surrounding him. From courtly masques to country romps, bawdy ballads to godly anthems, old-fashioned folk tunes to newfangled lute songs, Shakespeare's plays reflect the varied musical landscape of his time. Assignments may include but are not limited to: reading (selections from Shakespeare and his contemporaries, as well as modern scholarship); listening (modern recordings of music from the era); writing (journal entries, essays); in-class participation (discussion, group singing/playing, read-alouds); and final individual projects. Some musical experience preferred, but not required Keywords:music, British lit

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