Humanities Arts Cultural Stu 0222 - Animation History

Animation History

Sarah E Jenkins

02:30PM-03:50PM TU;02:30PM-03:50PM TH

Hampshire College
Jerome Liebling Center 120;Jerome Liebling Center 120
This course will take students through a comprehensive history of animated films, artists, and processes, beginning with pre-film animation devices of the 1800s and moving into the current millennium. Students will reflect upon the ways that animation intersects with social issues, politics, cultural ideas, and technological innovation across time and geography. We will cover both independent practices and commercial studios, with a breadth of genres and styles of work that includes both traditional narrative animation and art that questions how we define animation in the first place. Keywords:Animation, History, Film, Media The content of this course deals with issues of race and power.

Time and Narrative Students should expect to spend 8 hours weekly on work and preparation outside of class time

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