Humanities Arts Cultural Stu 0223 - Automated Images: Moving-Image Collaborations with Nonhumans

Automated Images

Magda Bermudez

09:00AM-11:50AM W;07:00PM-09:00PM TH

Hampshire College
Jerome Liebling Center 120;Jerome Liebling Center 120
Automated Images: Moving-Image Collaborations with Nonhumans explores artistic practices that engage with animals, plants, and technologies to question the possibilities, limitations, and politics of entangled authorship. Surveying artists and filmmakers working with chance operations, collaborating with nonhuman animals, and engaging with machine learning algorithms, we will examine the complexities of entangled authorship. Over the course of the semester students will meet a range of thinkers and makers, including Sondra Perry, Meghan O'Gieblyn, Jake Elwes, Ruha Benjamin, and Tomonari Nishikawa. Students will experiment with a range of moving-image and sound making apparatuses over the course of the semester, from contact microphones and hydrophones to macro-cinematography, to develop ways of making which stretch beyond their perceptual capacities. These experiments will feed the development of two creative projects, in which students will navigate the complexities of collaborating with the more than human world Keywords:Film, Video, Cinema, Production, Art The content of this course deals with issues of race and power.

Media and Technology Lab/Material Fee:$65 Students should expect to spend 8 hours weekly on work and preparation outside of class time

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