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Topic: Haunted Utopia? Weimar

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Film Studies

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Mount Holyoke College
A study of such representative films from Germany's 'Golden Age' as Wiene's Expressionist film noir, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Lang's sci-fi classic, Metropolis, and psycho-thriller, M., Murnau's Dracula film, Nosferatu, and Pabst's prostitution study, Joyless Street. Emphasis on investigating historical and sociological background; influence of Expressionist theater; advent of sound; the 'New Woman'; genesis of horror, action, and utopian film; influence on New German Cinema and contemporary popular culture. Includes such 'remakes' as Herzog's Nosferatu, the 2002 anime Metropolis, and music videos by Queen, Madonna, Lady Gaga. Includes discussion with specialists and students in the U.S. and Germany.
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Topic: Haunted Utopia? Weimar
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Gabriele Davis

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