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Sem: Adv Documentary Prod'n

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Film Studies

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Mount Holyoke College
In this class, we will take skills and insights gained in introductory production courses and develop them over the length of the semester through the creation of one short documentary project, 10 minutes long. We will explore the ethical questions and ambivalence inherent in this medium, seeking complex answers to difficult questions about representation and the often blurry lines between fiction and non-fiction. We will watch documentaries each week, films that introduce us to new ideas and information both in their content and in their form. This course has a Community-Based Learning Component.

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Sem: Adv Documentary Prod'n
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01 4.0

Bernadine Mellis

TH 09:00AM-12:00PM;W 07:00PM-09:00PM

Williston Memorial Library 231;Williston Memorial Library 231