Tpc: Latina Theatre & Perform.

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Latin American Studies

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Mount Holyoke College
This course offers transnational approaches to the theory and political practice of performance in the Americas with a focus on work by Latinas in the United States and women in Latin America. We will interrogate the ways in which race, sexuality, class, gender, indigenous and diasporic identities inform the methodological and aesthetic mandates of an array of artists from across disciplines. Employing multiple modes of performance from theater, dance, performance art, ritual, visual art, and folkloric music, we will explore how these practices have functioned and continue to allow for politically subversive or resistant transformation.
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Tpc: Latina Theatre & Perform.
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03 4.0

Micaela Diaz-Sanchez

MW 11:00AM-12:15PM

Clapp Laboratory 203