Reproductive and Genetic Tech

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Gender Studies
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Mount Holyoke College
This seminar will focus on emerging innovations in the development, use and governance of reproductive and genetic technologies (RGTs). How do novel developments at the interface of fertility treatment and biomedical research raise both new and enduring questions about the 'naturalness' of procreation, the politics of queer families, the im/possibilities of disabilities, and transnational citizenship? Who has a say in what can be done and for which purposes? We will engage with ethnographic texts, documentaries, policy statements, citizen science activist projects, and social media in order to closely explore the diversity of perspectives in this field. We will also experiment with 'public engagement' activities designed to foster knowledge and conversations about RGTs and the questions and concerns they might raise.
Prereq: 8 credits in gender studies or anthropology.
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Reproductive and Genetic Tech
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01 4.0 Jacquelyne Luce F 01:15PM-04:05PM Shattuck Hall 318