Gender Studies 333FA - Modern Families

Jesus Hernandez
MW 02:40PM-03:55PM
Mount Holyoke College
Williston Memorial Library 618
This course examines the social construction of the family unit in the United States across a range of historical periods and cultural texts. Students will dismantle universalist notions of what constitutes a family (particularly the nuclear family), understanding it instead as a social unit articulated by issues of race/ethnicity, gender, and sexuality and (re)produced with spatial and temporal specificities. Engaging first with historical texts to understand kinship as a legal, political and economic project, we will then turn to cultural production to investigate the role that literature, film, television, and art play in reifying, challenging, and/or reproducing the family.
This course is of particular relevance for students interested in American Ethnic Studies as we will examine the family across multiple contexts including African American, Asian American, Native American, Latina/o, Anglo American, and queer populations.
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