Cell and Molecular Biology

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Biological Sciences
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Mount Holyoke College
Cells are the smallest common denominator of life: the simplest organisms are single cells, while others like ourselves are composed of vast communities of cells. In this course, we will learn how cellular structure and function is orchestrated by biological molecules, most notably the genome and the proteins it encodes. Topics will include genetic inheritance, gene and protein regulation, cellular processes including transport, energy capture, and signaling, the cellular and molecular basis for disease, and modern techniques including genomics, bioinformatics, and microscopy. The laboratory component will illustrate and analyze these topics through selected experimental approaches.
Prereq: BIOL-200 and CHEM-201.; Coreq: BIOL-230L.
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Cell and Molecular Biology
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01 4.0 Amy Camp;Rebeccah Lijek;Amanda MacAvoy;Justyne Ogdahl acamp@mtholyoke.edu;rlijek@mtholyoke.edu;amacavoy@mtholyoke.edu;jogdahl@mtholyoke.edu TTH 10:00AM-11:15AM;F 10:00AM-10:50AM Clapp Laboratory 016;Clapp Laboratory 016