Ocean Blues: World's Oceans

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Biological Sciences
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Mount Holyoke College
Ocean ecosystems are of tremendous ecological importance and provide many billions of dollars worth of services annually, yet our marine systems face serious threats due to overfishing, climate change, ocean acidification, pollution, and the spread of invasive species. Conservation and management strategies aim to protect our remaining martine resources and restore those that have been lost or damage. In this course, we will study the scientific evidence documenting the most pressing threats to marine ecosystems and examine available strategies for mitigating these threats. We will also explore cultural, economic, and political issues relevant to marine conservation and management.
Prereq: Any 200-level science.
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Ocean Blues can be applied to any of the course categories required for the Coastal and Marine Sciences certificate.
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Ocean Blues: World's Oceans
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01 4.0 Jason Andras jandras@mtholyoke.edu MW 02:40PM-03:55PM Clapp Laboratory 203