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Symbiotic Interactions

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Biological Sciences
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Mount Holyoke College
From mutualism to parasitism, symbiotic interactions are a universal feature of life. In this seminar we will study the mechanisms underlying symbiotic interactions and consider their significance for the ecology and evolution of organisms. Through foundational texts and current scientific literature, we will explore some of the most spectacular and important examples of contemporary symbioses - from coral reefs, to infectious diseases, to the vast communities of microbes that live on and in our bodies - and we will learn how symbiosis is responsible for major milestones in the history of life, such as the origin of the eukaryotic cell, the emergence of land plants, and the evolution of sex.
Prereq: BIOL-223 or BIOL-226.
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Symbiotic Interactions
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01 4.0 Jason Andras MW 01:15PM-02:30PM Kendade 303