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Wetlands Ecology & Management

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Environmental Studies
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Mount Holyoke College
Although they cover ~0.6% of the earth's surface, wetlands perform more ecosystem services per hectare than any other ecosystem type. Alarmingly, over half of the earth's wetlands have been lost to agriculture and development. With these wetlands were also lost the valuable ecosystem functions wetlands perform. This course takes an interdisciplinary approach to examine the biogeochemical, ecological, societal, and regulatory aspects of wetland ecosystems. Group discussion of primary scientific literature, as well as independent experimental design and the writing of a research proposal are core components. Field trips will sometimes keep us until 5:05 pm, and will provide an opportunity to explore these fascinating ecosystems in person.
Prereq: ENVST-200 or at least 8 credits of 200- or 300-level laboratory science.
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Wetlands Ecology & Management
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01 4.0 Katherine Ballantine T 01:15PM-05:05PM Kendade 107