African Theatre

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Theatre Arts
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Mount Holyoke College
This course introduces the oral traditions, important playwrights, and aesthetic innovations in postcolonial literary theatre in some African societies. The oral theatre traditions of Africa are an example of the innate human quest to perform and will eventually be the basis for understanding some of the innovations made in African literary theatre. We shall also focus on writings by African writers and writers of African descent who deal with the post-colonial conditions of Black Africa and the African Diaspora. This class is designed to serve as a window into the continent of Africa: its people, its ideas, triumphs, struggles, and the complex histories emerging from its vastness and diversity.
This course is open to juniors and seniors; Prereq: 8 credits in Theatre Arts or Africana Studies.
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African Theatre
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01 4.0 Michael Ofori TH 01:30PM-04:20PM Pratt Memorial Music Bldg 101