Dance 272QF - Dance and Culture: 'Queer and Feminist Performance'

Queer & Feminist Performance

Meredith Bove

MW 11:30AM-12:45PM

Mount Holyoke College
Kendall Hall/Sports Complex ST3
What does performance teach us about subjectivity? How do bodies' cultural inscriptions shape meaning in dance? How does choreography complicate the performance of gender? This course poses an inquiry into euro-american contemporary dance performance through the lenses of queer and feminist thought. Students will study the body as a site of knowledge production and investigate how movement and performance can highlight the intersection of theory and lived experience. Class will read from authors including adrienne marie brown, Audre Lorde, Sarah Ahmed, Ann Cooper Albright, Petra Kuppers, José Muñoz, Fiona Buckland, and others. We will watch and be in conversation about performances by choreographers like Rosie Herrera, Jawole Willa Jo Zollar, Ananya Chatterjea, Miguel Gutierrez, and Ralph Lemon.
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