Film, Media, Theater 230TV - Intermediate Courses in History and Theory: 'History of U.S. Television'

History of U.S. Television

Hannah Goodwin

TTH 01:45PM-03:00PM

Mount Holyoke College
Art 219
This course traces the history of television in the United States from its invention to the present, including how U.S.-based television has circulated globally. In addition to looking at how the medium was developed and regulated as a technology, we will analyze the aesthetic and thematic content of television across the medium's history and within particular genres (sitcom, drama, reality, etc.), exploring how television has represented aspects of U.S. society including race, gender, sexuality, and socioeconomic class. We will give particular attention to how television has reflected and influenced moments of political and social change, including the Civil Rights Movement, the Vietnam War, and 9/11. Students will conduct historical research and produce written and audiovisual content presenting their work.

Prereq: 4 credits in the department.

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