Asian Studies 215 - Androgyny and Gender Negotiation in Contemporary Chinese Women's Theater

AndrogynyGndr in ChineseTheat

Ying Wang

M 01:30PM-04:20PM

Mount Holyoke College
Yue Opera, an all-female art that flourished in Shanghai in 1923, resulted from China's social changes and the women's movement. Combining traditional with modern forms and Chinese with Western cultures, Yue Opera today attracts loyal and enthusiastic audiences despite pop arts crazes. We will focus on how audiences, particularly women, are fascinated by gender renegotiations as well as by the all-female cast. The class will read and watch classics of this theater, including Romance of the Western Bower, Peony Pavilion, and Butterfly Lovers. Students will also learn the basics of traditional Chinese opera.

Taught in English

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