Gender Studies 221QF - Feminist and Queer Theory: 'Feminist and Queer Theory'

Feminist & Queer Theory

Christian Gundermann

MW 01:45PM-03:00PM

Mount Holyoke College
We will read a number of key feminist texts that theorize sexual difference, and challenge the oppression of women. We will then address queer theory, an offshoot and expansion of feminist theory, and study how it is both embedded in, and redefines, the feminist paradigms. This redefinition occurs roughly at the same time (1980s/90s) when race emerges as one of feminism's prominent blind spots. The postcolonial critique of feminism is a fourth vector we will examine, as well as anti-racist and postcolonial intersections with queerness. We will also study trans-theory and its challenge to the queer paradigm.

Prereq: GNDST-101.

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