Biological Sciences 226 - Evolution: Making Sense of Life


Patricia Brennan,Molly McCutcheon

MW 11:30AM-12:45PM;F 11:30AM-12:20PM

Mount Holyoke College
Clapp Laboratory 016;Clapp Laboratory 016
Evolution is central to our understanding of Biology; it helps us explain both the diversity and commonality in organismal form, function and behavior that have been generated over 3 billion years of life on Earth. We will discuss the mechanisms of evolution within populations and between species, examine some branches of the tree of life and learn how the tree is generated, discuss how phenotypes arise from genotypes and interactions with the environment, and how development is central to understanding evolution. Some themes include the evolution of symbiosis, sex, and human evolution, as well as the crucial role that evolutionary principles play in society including agriculture, medicine, and even the judicial system.

Prereq: BIOL-200, BIOL-210, BIOL-220, BIOL-223 or BIOL-230.; Coreq: BIOL-226L.

BIOL-223 and/or BIOL-226 must be taken for the Biology major. Instruction is a flipped classroom style. Students will be expected to watch videos before class and do active learning in the classroom. Students are expected to work in groups, as well as …

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