Dance 338 - Mobilizing the Hippocampus

Mobilizing the Hippocampus

Barbie Diewald,Marta Sabariego

MW 01:45PM-03:00PM;MW 01:45PM-03:00PM

Mount Holyoke College
Kendall Hall/Sports Complex STTH;Kendall Hall/Sports Complex 130
This course will provide a research site to investigate the functions of the hippocampal brain region to then embody that learning through choreographic structures. In particular, students will use dance expression to aid the understanding of complex neuroscience topics, and apply neuroscience knowledge to deepen creative expression. "Mobilizing the hippocampus" will help to bridge a gap between science and art, serving as a tool to stimulate a heightened understanding of both disciplines.

This course is open to juniors and seniors; This course is limited to Dance and Neuroscience majors.

Permission is required for interchange registration during the add/drop period only.