Environmental Studies 346 - Global Inequality, Smart Earth Technology, and Environmental Governance

Env. Inequality Tech. Gov.

Catherine Corson

W 01:30PM-04:20PM

Mount Holyoke College
Clapp Laboratory 327
This course is an interdisciplinary advanced seminar for students interested in learning about global environmental governance and inequality. We review the major theories about the intertwined challenges of poverty and environmental degradation, explore how legacies of colonialism persist, and examine how actors from nation states to Indigenous Peoples influence official state negotiations. Finally, we explore how advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and environmental sensor networks, and novel financial instruments, such as cryptocurrencies and nature-based video games, are changing conservation. As a curriculum-to-career course, there is strong emphasis on research, writing and speaking skills needed to advocate for environmental sustainability and social justice.

Course limited to sophomores, juniors and seniors; Prereq: 8 credits of social science or humanities courses.

Permission is required for interchange registration during the add/drop period only.