Latin American Studies 287FM - Topics in Latin American Studies: 'Frames of Mind: Tracking Power/Knowledge'

Frames of Mind

Justin Crumbaugh

TTH 03:15PM-04:30PM

Mount Holyoke College
Ciruti 202
A frame of mind typically refers to a disposition or perspective, but the term also suggests a shaping of perception and thought. Something has already "framed" our minds, delimiting the scope of the conceivable. But what? This course radically interrogates the frameworks that structure and constrain our minds. Students trace the history of commonplace understandings-in academia and the "real" world-of mental health, diversity, gender and sexuality, and economic development in order to upend and defamiliarize operative assumptions. Works by Wendy Brown, Michel Foucault, Coco Fusco, Byung-Chul Han, bell hooks, Paul Preciado, Boots Riley and others.
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