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Statistical and Data Sciences
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Smith College
Same as MTH 220. (Formerly MTH 245). An application-oriented introduction to modern statistical inference: study design, descriptive statistics; random variables; probability and sampling distributions; point and interval estimates; hypothesis tests, resampling procedures and multiple regression. A wide variety of applications from the natural and social sciences are used. Classes meet for lecture/discussion and for a required laboratory that emphasizes analysis of real data. MTH 220 satisfies the basic requirement for biological science, engineering, environmental science, neuroscience and psychology. Normally students receive credit for only one of the following introductory statistics courses: MTH 201/ PSY 201, GOV 190, ECO 220, MTH 219, MTH 220 or SOC 201. Exceptions may be allowed in special circumstances and require the permission of the adviser and the instructor. Prerequisite: MTH 111 or the equivalent, or permission of the instructor. Lab sections limited to 20.
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