ARH 204 - Inkas, Aztecs and Their Ancestors


Dana Leibsohn

M W 10:50 AM - 12:05 PM

Smith College

Neilson 102
How do people of the present interpret the visual, material and urban cultures created in the Americas before the arrival of Europeans? To explore this question, this class focuses upon visual cultures and urban settings from across the Americas. Emphasis rests upon recent research — especially about the Inka, the Aztec, and their ancestors  but we will also study current debates in art history and archaeology. Among the themes we will discuss: sacrifice and rulership, representations of human and deified beings, the symbolic and economic meanings of materials and the ethics of excavation and museum display. Case studies include architectural complexes, textiles, ceramics and sculpted works from Peru, Mexico, the Caribbean and the U.S. Southwest. Group A, Counts for ARU
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