Latin American Studies 260 - Colloquium: Animal Histories of Latin America

Colq:Animal Hist-Latin America

Javier Puente

TU TH 10:50 AM - 12:05 PM

Smith College
Seelye 105
This colloquium centers animals as the core of a “more-than-human” account for understanding four major environmental questions in the history of Latin America: the adaption of societies to high-altitude environments, the ecological transformations framed by colonization, the kinetic capacities of emerging nation-states and the neoliberal commodification of nature. Through the interrogation of guinea pigs, sheep, horses and vicuñas, correspondingly, this course ventures into the examination of animals as proxies, partners, porters and portraits of narratives usually studied as strictly anthropogenic and anthropocentric. Enrollment limited to 20. (E)
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